Rosebud Witchcraft (interlude) Songtext
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Rosebud Witchcraft (interlude) Songtext

We are whirling through space
Drifting, twisting
Mystical sparks encircled by their loneliness

Are you afraid
Reasons why witchcraft has survived for ages
It's because man's need to correct destiny and subdue the fear within

Witchcraft attempts to deceive
Conjure, and otherwise disturb natural inclination and occurrences

Each night as the moon comes up by the torn taped rose candle

All of this flame and dedicate this spell as a conjured for lost souls
Do this for eleven days and the charm will then be raised
Enclosed in your heart
Bury the candle in a garden by the light of a full moon
And take the rose buds
Close his eyes, and throw them in the wind

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