Insubordinate (Golden Ashes) Songtext
von Miserium

Insubordinate (Golden Ashes) Songtext

Tastes of tongues and tastes of triumphs
smells of perfumes & autumn nights
textures of skin just like velvet
pattern of a summer sky
wind in the hair music of joy
sound of laughter and delight
passionate dance scorching romance
a face remembered all by heart

/When the cataracts of the Hells have opened
We swarmed out and reigned free
We were young and bold
We thought we own everything
While in fact we possessed nothing
We were mere parasites upon the surface of the Earth/

Printed in letters of golden tint
to be shielded for the eternity
by the power of words
like sheltering cocoons

the bitterness of defeat the uneasy taste of lies
the sound of distant, painful cries
the smell of blood and dripping sweat
tainting the pure white velvet

/As the embers of youth went cold
And our folly of freedom has passed away
We came to realize that we were alone
We have chosen exile of our free will
Though never knowing the significance of our solitary confinement/

Printed in letters of ashes
to be remembered for all eternity
as a memento of our fears
as a warning of what's to be, warning of what's to be

/And by the time we became aware of that, it was too late to make amends
We were outcasts/

Nails to the heart thorns to the skin
losing the loved, losing the kin
repetitive scream of anguish and death
that's the sound of a final breath

Printed in letters of ashes
to be remembered for all eternity
as a memento of our fears
as a warning of what's to be

you're above us all
yet we write our history
subordinate not enslaved
in our ways, we are free

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