The Mirroring Shadow Songtext
von Miseration

The Mirroring Shadow Songtext

Like a blind man being left behind
Hitting every corner to make hurt
Left with a knowing of being not all right
And books and instruments to make that go away
In darkness - no reading can be done
In darkness - the scalpel cuts all wrong

I have been waiting for so long
Thorugh a mirroring shadow

Never surrender, so they say
But if every try makes the next one even faultier
Should there not be a point of saying ney
Puzzling with my brain
Needles and alcohol to drain
Zip-sap-sow - there tomorrows go

[Repeat chorus]

In that cube of black where I was trapped
White would circularly saw and make me free
When death came to close, there you were
Splendour of shine and grace
Transcending one of many a deaths
I was becoming all that I wanted

But lights still remains a constand in mind
Though eyes cannot receive any glow
I keep it to myself as an arousal fantasy
And bit by bit I start to to make myself a believer

[Repeat chorus]

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