Take a Holiday Songtext
von Mindy Smith

Take a Holiday Songtext

What do you do when what you do goes out of style?
Who do you call when all your friends aint called in a while?
Who do you love when theres no one to put your arms around?
How do you smile when all you feel is down?
It's time for a change
Before any more just slips away
I think that I should pack my bags
And take a holiday
What do you do when the sun ain't shining so bright?
How do you chew when your food just don't taste right?
Who do you tell when you think your dog can't see?
Who do you trust when you stop believing these things?
Yeah these are thoughts just floating in my head
And my head's up in the sky
I keep thinking I can fly
What do you say when your voice won't scream and shout?
How do you feel when your luck has just run out?
What do you do when the whiskey's all gone dry?
Who do you blame when the drugs can't get you high?

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