The Rabbit Songtext
von Miike Snow

The Rabbit Songtext

Off and on, off and on
The lights in my head flip off and on
Down below, down below
The sweat on my hands is not my own
Just put a saddle on me
And ride me where you wanna get
Take you to the Nortebel(?)
It's spreading and I wanna show you something
It's hidden over there
Right behind the chair

I tried to beat the devil too many times
I'm in love and she is tragic magic
I wanna listen to my evil eye and I put her down but She won't have it
I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
Which way to go
Before it trampels on me
But the rabbit jumps back in it's hole
And I forget that I am just like everybody else (everybody else)

Hear me out, hear me out
The ape and the blade show fears the doubts
Hear me out, hear me out,
Your sweet little stain just won't wash out
I wanna share our little dreams
And flip you like a fader now
Life is full of lasers now
And you're spreading when I pop you like a button
Honey, where's your child?
Alligator smile
(Chorus) x2

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