The Gift Songtext
von Midge Ure

The Gift Songtext

From city streets you came with something true
From dirt and smoke you breathed in something new
And when you laid all before you, they took what you made
And threw it away, the gift that you gave

With hands of gold and images strong
You cast the shape of things to cling on
And when you tried to show them, they took what you made
And gave it away, the gift that you gave

And in return, I give you honest love
These things I see around me
I see with my soul, I feel in my heart
The gift that you gave and in return I give you my respect

That's all that's mine for giving, I've learned from it all
The textures and form, the gift that you gave
And when they ask what prize I treasure most
What legacy I cherish, I say from the heart
The passion and art, that's the gift that you gave

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