Magic Lantern Days Songtext
von mewithoutYou

Magic Lantern Days Songtext

Hail the blest atomic morn
Unto the earth a bomb is born
The pebble bed reactor core
Up to the sky ascends.

Hail the blest atomic sea,
Its mouth in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Whose lips--untouched with blasphemy--
Our glowing eyes attend

Bishops wrapped in Bedford cloth
Said pride would cast our victories off,
The Deep Blue to our Kasparov
Our moral thoughts impart.

"The city dumps fill the junkyards
Fill the madhouses fill the hospitals
Fill the graveyards fill not nothing else fills"
(--C. Bukowski),
Neither time nor I can hold your
1985 Chernobyl heart.

Brightest and best
Are the children of the morning.
Dawn on our darkness
And lend us thine aid" {SHH 132}.

In unmysterious ways
We re-enacted closet plays
From charming, Magic Lantern days
For the android whales below (thank you Harvey)

You'd be cast as the Nazarene
In the unrepenting desert scene
Near to me, your Mary Magdalene,
Our Lady of the Snow,

Brightest and best
Are the children of the morning.
Dawn on our darkness
& Lend us thine aid

Star of the west horizon deforming,
T.S. Eliot Bachich: Too many humans
Under the brown fog of winter
Come dawn in our darkness.
Lend us thine aid
Guide where our infant redeemer is laid

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