Witch Hunt Songtext

Witch Hunt Songtext

Bolts of lightning - out of the blue
Without forewarning - the heat is on you
Watch what you say - the phone maybe tapped
Under heavy surveillance - looks like you're trapped
Under investigation - whether guilty or not
Without your own doing - you're part of the plot
Trying to hide - going underground
Just a matter of time until you will be found

The noose is tightening - there's no return
Moral cleansing - free thinking must burn
This is serious - your face in the mud
The end of the story is written in blood
Freeze! Down on your knees! Beaten and bound
Tarred and feathered they parade you around
The media is feasting - your face on the news
It's a feeding frenzy - a mob on the loose

It doesn't matter what you say or do
There is no justice - no future for you
Because you're the scapegoat you are to blame
This is your life - 15 minutes of shame

Witch hunt - guilty by association
Witch hunt - systematic defamation
Witch hunt - process of elimination
Witch hunt - demonized and sacrificed

Witch hunt - guilty by association
Witch hunt - merciless interrogation
Witch hunt - ill-reputed executed
Witch hunt - which hunt?
Burn that witch

Witch hunt - guilty by association
Witch hunt - methodical eradication
Witch hunt - crucified by morning light
Witch hunt - which hunt?
Burn that witch

You've always been different - you've spoken your mind
Set yourself apart - now they hate your kind
A foreign element - the unknown factor
An alien component - the Hannibal Lecter

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