Eight Limbs Songtext
von MC Yogi

Eight Limbs Songtext

Eight Limbs

The 8 limbs of yoga, are called Ashtanga

The first limb - is the five disciplines of Yama
The very first yama is called Ahimsa,
The science of kindness or nonviolence positions.
The second Yama, is no dishonesty - Satya,
Which means truth in thoughts, words, indeed.
The third Yama of Ashtanga is called Asteya,
Which means not stealing or taken from your neighbor.
The fourth limb - Brahmacharya,
Means self astray, ponesing our seeds so it wouldn't go to waste.
The Fifth Yama is also important it's called a Aparigraha or
Non-covet Aparigraha - concrecy,
Not acquiring the things that we don't really need.
Yama is the first branch of the tree,
Next to the Niyama, so let us proceed.

The Niyamas, like the Yamas,
Are the code of ethics, yogis practice this to become perfective.
The first Niyama - Saucha mispurity,
Remembering to keep the mind and body clean.
The second Niyama Is called Samtosa or contentment,
Inessential element of yoga,
Remember to appreciate what we have,
Seeing the perfection of where we act.
The third Niyama of Ashtanga is called Tapas for
Any of us to practice which burns the way to trust
Tapas is the arc witch thought the way
To go the sacrifice that purifies the soul
The fifth Niyama - Svadhyaya means self observation studying itself
In list of evolation studying scriptures gently
Contemplations these are all forms of self examination.
The fifth Niyama is Isvara pranidhana, surrender to a higher power,
So we no longer suffer from our own mental
Conditions and next limb in yoga is the yoga position.

The third limb in ancient science
Of Ashtanga Is the yoga posture known as Asana,
Asana or yoga pose many People think it means touching the toes,
But asana is more about touching the soul
Learning to be steel in the middle of it all.
The word "
Asana" literally means "
See" it's not like a sport when you trying to compete.
A regular practice can generate health so
That we can pursue the knowledge of the ourself.

The forth limb in the yoga of
Ashtanga is conscious breathing or Pranayama.
Prana is the energy inside the breath
When we master prana then we conquer death.
Pranayama expands our mental energy
So then we can have clarity in fatality.

The fifth limb of Ashtanga is Pratyahara rejoin the senses pulling
Back from samsara moving inward away from the
External pulling in like a turtle moving towards the internal.

Six limb.
The six limb of Ashtanga is called
Dharana concentrating the mind so let it grows stronger.
Dharana is known as deep concentration
Unbroken it becomes Dhyana Meditation.

Seven limb.
Meditation is the seven limb and this is where the real inner journey
Begins when the mind flows like a river into the
Sea emerges with the being which is long in Samadhi.
Samadhi is the eight limb in a state of grace where we can swim in
The ocean of bliss feeling freedom and moksha
Can find the liberation which is the goal of yoga.
To be one with everything as it is to experience truth,
Consciousness and bliss this is is under kind
Unifying all things a love without any gaining, universe in.

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