Is This Insanity? Songtext
von Martyn

Is This Insanity? Songtext

Woken by the spirits of a new life dawning, are we dreaming?
Decode decipher intercept reception, we are learning.
Feeding is function so the heart beats stronger, she is breathing.
Physically drained but we alleviate the hunger, we are creator.
Wrestling with our fears like the Unknown Soldier, we are vanity.
Separate the demon from the devil inside.
Is this insanity?

Nerves bound taught by the frequent recollections, we are reasoning.
Caught between a chance and a realization, stop us deceiving.
Parasitical nature is the human savior, and limitation
Fumbling and fussing as we fake behavior, in the mutation.
Hand in mouth we know the journey was hard, we are soothing.
Sleep is the cure for our next generation, we are hoping.
Beyond our fighting with the earth a kind of solace is found.
Can you hear me?

Between these intimate strangers biologically bound.
Is this the future?
Our expression of love is like an infinite glance.
Will it kill me?
Unlocking the code is our only chance.
Do you believe me?
Can you hear me?

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