The Sparrows & Thenightingales Songtext
von Mark ’Oh

The Sparrows & Thenightingales Songtext

How long have you been free
In this world of hate and greed
Is it black or is it white
Let's find another compromise
And our future standing still
We're dancing in the spotlights
Where's the leader who leads me
I'm still waiting
Leaving home

And god is on your side
Dividing sparrows from the Nightingales
Watching all the time
Dividing water from the burning fire...

Leave a light on in the night for me
That I can find you
Remember when we both were young
and reckless and so curious
Now you're hiding from your child...
A new day's dawning
Remember that you felt alife sometimes

And god is on your side
Dividing cruelty from tender mask
Watching all the time
Dividing fiction from reality

Move in circles walk on lines
No humans being in sight
Calm the winds and calm the seas
Let's try another kind of peace
Who fights this holy civil war
A million man in uniform
Wo ist der F

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