The Endless Wait (For People To Show Themselves To Be Anything Other Than Useless) Songtext
von Mark Ayling

The Endless Wait (For People To Show Themselves To Be Anything Other Than Useless) Songtext

there's something coming, everyone can feel it
it's in the air, it's all around
something to welcome or something to fear?
it's nothing we can see and nothing we can hear
the protection lines are drawn, the fences standing high
shelters built against this storm
without questioning why
and still we wait...

now the newsreaders regale us with stories of despair
of tragedy and heroism just to keep everyone scared
so the fences are torn down to be replaced by higher walls
bigger bolts placed on the doors and windows reinforced
the crowd on the outside get caught up in the flow
pushing, shoving against the wall as the anger starts to grow
those left on the inside start to fear for their lives
so they arm themselves to the teeth and prepare themselves to fight

the needy try to plead or trade their posessions and food
the doorman is on overtime and a bidding war ensues
the wealthy try to reason and buy their own way in
but the back door's left defenceless, the guard's gone for a drink
the crowd on the outside starts to gather pace
still not sure what they're fighting against but can't bear to lose face
over to the inside: there's an argument as to who's tougher
no decision can be made so they start on one another

endless crashing against the wall turns it into rubble
the mob decide to run away before there's anymore trouble
back inside the fighting is down to flesh and bone
but they haven't even noticed everyone else has gone home

regardless of the need and regardless of what's right
people are too stupid, weak, lazy, or preoccupied
to bother themselves to get out, to bother themselves to fight
for a cause that they believe in or a battle for their rights
so instead they watch their lives slip by in front of the television
this country full of armchair fascists
and saloon bar politicians

and still we wait...

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