Aether Wind Songtext
von Mare Cognitum

Aether Wind Songtext

Prostrate we fall before the grand transfiguration
Senses dull into a kaleidoscopic labyrinth
Into a trancelike state we rise before the eidolon
Self-permutation into the purest divine

Observing creation through multitudinous eyes
Creating a sphere of concentrated perception
Witnessing time as it crumbles into dust
Impulsively formed into structures anew

The incessant void rests in open palms
A canvas on which to create and destroy
Catalyzing time and space as energy
The hands clasp the shards of nothingness

Constructing the pillars of life
Sculpted with fragments of time
Written on parchments of sky
Revealing the poetry of the gods

Between congruent representations of time
Exists a gap of complex irreverent forms
An anarchy of the body and the senses
Lying between the absurd and the sublime

A disregard for the logic of the sentient
Action defined by the absence of provocation
Defining the will of those within its confines
Through the decomposition of purpose and desire

A pure creation
Lucid and unfettered
Bearing the aether wind
Lifted into glorious


The splendor beheld here has no end
The splendor beheld here has no end
The splendor beheld here has no end
The splendor beheld here has no end

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