Don't This Look Like the Dark Songtext
von Magnolia Electric Co.

Don't This Look Like the Dark Songtext

six and a half hours into the west virginia night
half a mile from home and i was makin' pretty good time
thought that i'd gone far enough i couldn't lose the trail
and i stepped through the door i still found the way to fail

i can't start to count the things i said i'd never be
but i became them all the night you quit countin' on me
and all the harder things that you said to my heart
everyone of them things was true but

that one look at the end
that one look at the end
was what ran it through

the big gray owl above me starts again to wail
says that moon has got so low tonight that it's polishin' the rail
now that mountain engine's runnin' about thirty years too late
once you hear it comin' boy it will not let you wait

i used to think that tomorrow was just out there waitin' for me
now i wonder where tomorrow
i wonder where tomorrow
i wonder where tomorrow's going to be
tonight when i am rolling over the earth's most lonesome ground

i will think of all the ways next time i will try not to let you down
i thought that i'd live long enough
that the light would come shining through

don't this look like the dark (x5)

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