Alive Songtext
von Madyon

Alive Songtext

Oh if you could change your life
and all the time passed by
Riding a motorbike, sea's on your side
and for a while forget your worries
They might not understand which way you're going

Now nothing seems to be as good as you've always
Dreamed in every night, love's on your side
but everytime you tell your story
They wouldn't understand your dreams of glory

And you will shine like the stars
you always liked to see on the screen
You will shine
And no more crying
And even if someone won't understand
you'll surely know you've been alive
and you're alive

So leave the world behind
and never ask yourself
If living inside your mind will take you high
They're askin' why then you say "sorry"
You've tried to reach the top
but now you're falling

Sometimes the truth sounds clear
when you realize that
Life is a shooting star,
it can take you far or
just in a bar till early morning
No matter where's the place to start the show

And you will shine like the stars
you always liked to see on the screen
You will shine
And you will fly and swim into the ocean
You've been alive

Now the time is come for you to roll in
The warming spotlight that can heal your hurts
And everything you dreamt you will have done it
This is what you've been and what you are

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