Trying Songtext
von Luna Li

Trying Songtext

Keeping my love and my head alright
I try to feel something real and alive
I know that we can′t stay and talk all night
But I'd like to try

So turn out the light
I′ll try again in the morning
I'll wake up and feel okay
I could ignore all the warnings

I forget what we said when we talked
And I wish I could remember it all
Because I'm having these crazy thoughts
(Am I in love or just afraid to be alone?)

Talk to me now you′re gone
I can′t escape from this all alone
But you won't pick up your phone
(All this love is it a waste of our time, no)

Oh, I′ve been trying
You know that I've been trying
You know I′ve been trying
Been trying

So turn out the light
I'll try again in the morning time
In the morning light
It′ll feel alright in the morning time

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