Kill My Mind (track by track) Songtext
von Louis Tomlinson

Kill My Mind (track by track) Songtext

This was a song that I really needed
I felt, in the record
And it's probably one of my favorite song
Recorded is about 6 months ago
When actually after we wrote 'Kill My Mind'
It felt like we build up a bit of it
That meant to be in the album, definitely

In terms of what is it about is
Just about being young and kind of trying to capture that 'Mistology Clemente'
Of being young and being reckless and being stupid

Eh, I felt like I needed this song on the record because
Feel like it's a good example of, ah, a kind staff that I like listening to
I feel like a lot me inspiration were in this song
Eh, and also it's a bit of segment, I mean temp for me
It was the first song that I released of new bondsman, kinda show you that was moving in beside a different direction

The lyric, ah-umm, again is trying to capture, you know, feeling young
And especially in the Chorus, it's kind of
It kind of describing in that situation of
Ah, something or someone that you know isn't good for you necessarily
But it's fun of the time

Umm, to me, it's bit of a no brainier to open the album with 'Kill My Mind'
Ah, kind of a that intention write after write in it
Eh, it's one of their songs that hopefully makes you feel good
Eh, and it just felt like the right massage is the right sound
To open the album with a little bit of energy
Eh, and yeah, lyric that I'm proud of

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