Scare Force One Songtext
von Lordi

Scare Force One Songtext

Can you hear me?
Are you ready?

Clouds are taking deadly form
Black becomes the sky
Locusts start to swarm
Skeletons are brought to life
The branches of the cherry trees
Impaling their prey
Pestilence and war
Reign destruction down today

Grandpa's footsteps in the snow
Are clear and then disappear
Mother in slow motion
Kills her dear infant out of fear
Hear yea, hear yea all
There's no denying what's coming here

Air roars
Scare force one

Little Ralphie's not quite right
He ate the dog alive
Parakeets get loose
Keen on pecking out your eyes
Drones lock on autonomous
Missiles taking flight
Nations start to fall
Paranormal worlds collide

In the air a frightful thing
Part animal, part machine
Swooping down on bat like wings
To shred using razor teeth
Death from above mercilessly
Annihilate everything

Scare Force One
Scare Force One
Infernal air corp
Now hear us roar
Scare Force
Scare Force
The airborne nightmare flies
Scare Force
Scare Force
Scare Force One arise

Air roars
Scare force one

Air roars
Scare force one

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