WTFIMP (Interlude) Songtext
von Lido

WTFIMP (Interlude) Songtext

Where the fuck is my phone?
I gotta call him right now
Oh good lord, I need some help from you now
I never meant to f- ah, there it is, damn
I can't believe I let it get to this,
On some type of soap opera shit
Oh man, oh man
Santell, here we go again
How you do your boy like that?
You know its bros over hoes, but you know How it goes with these hoes
Lonely at home, and on the road
And you tell yourself it's just so (???)
I gotta stop fucking around,
Gotta stop pussying out
Imma call him up right now
He's gonna kill me but it's ringing, it's ringing, it's ringing, it's ringing,
It's ringing

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