Outro Songtext
von LeToya Luckett

Outro Songtext

I use to love this song when I was comin' up

With your heart and I hear every word you say
When you cry at night I'll wipe your tears away
In the name of my lord I'll be there right away

I'm so glad to be here
I thank God everyday for this oppurtunity
Just to be able to get up there every morin'
And I'd never take that for granted
He's blessed me for so many things
A wonderful family, friends
I thank God for lissin', let me sing my heart out for y'all
I thank those who stuck by me for anything I went througth
Y'all don't know how much that mean to me, man
I appreciate it
I love y'all
Just keep plannin' for me
I wanna thank my mama, my daddy
My brother Gabin
My grandparents
I love you too Viney, what's up
All my friends, Ashely
Dan Ross, Big Damien
D And Amy
3 6
Capitol Records what's up

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