Hard For Me Songtext
von Leela James

Hard For Me Songtext

The more I give you
The more you want in return
I try to show you love
But you don't wanna learn
What's the point of this
If we can't get it right
Ah baby
Can't you see that I need you in my life

Don't make it hard for me baby
I just wanna love you
Let me love you, love you
Let me love you 3x

Why you make it so hard for me baby
And why you push me so far, away
Can't you see that I'm
Always down for you
I ride or die for ya
Give my life for ya
Can't you treat me the same way too
Baby, Oh oh

I don't wanna fight with you
No, not tonight
I don't wanna cry about it
(no tears no tears)
But what am I supposed to do
Cause we can't be together like this
You know I love you
(yes I do)
But if you keep on
Taking me through this
I'll do what I have to do
Say goodbye to you
I'll get over you you you you

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