Harbour Lights Songtext
von Lee Abraham

Harbour Lights Songtext

Take me to the ocean edge
To see the Harbour lights
Reflections of the water such a calming sight.
The sea has been a friend to me forgiving everyone.
It never has a plan for you
You have nowhere left to run
Many men have lost their way, feeling in despair
Never finding all the answers
Never seeming to care
Came down here to find a way
To find who bring the lights
As I look out to the occean on this lonely night.
I climb up to the heighest part and feel the air in me
My arms are reaching outwards, no fear this giant see.
The night is growing weaker, I see the sun ahead.
The Harbour lights are dying, to show the road a head for me

I feel the air in me
For me

Take me to the occean edge
to see the Harbour lights.

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