Barely Holdin' On Songtext
von Lee Aaron

Barely Holdin' On Songtext

Growin' up, you were taught to believe
That everyone was created equal in the master plan
The world's a place, of heroes an' villains
Better watch out, or you'll end up killin' what you don't understand

Oh all your life you ain' never had nothin', ta call your own
An' the dreams you hold so close, are bein' raped an' torn
And yer barely holdin'on
Yer barely holdin' on

Oh I'm sick an' tired of waitin' for tomorrow
Promisin' me the world that I' been hopin' for
Oh I wanna live, an' I wanna feel
The things in my life, that I' been searchin', for so long

Holdin' on with all your might, ridin' the storm
Drownin' in your sorrow, only locks the door
And yer barely holdin' on
Yer barely holdin' on
And yer barely

Lost yer job, lost yer money, you're losin' yourself
There's no turnin' back yer up against the wall
Oh day by day, yer gettin' older
You can feel your blood, runnin' colder, through your veins

Make up your mind, stop runnin' away
Cuz if you keep this up, you're gonna end up in your grave
An' yer barely, holdin' on
Yer barely holdin'on
And yer barely holdin'on
And yer barely on
And yer barely, and yer barely, holdin' on

The world's a place, o' heroes an' villains
Ya better watch out

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