Wild One Songtext
von Layla Zoe

Wild One Songtext

She's got the sweet moves, she wants to take you home
Shell give you pleasure you've never felt before
She'll touch you places you can't find on a globe
She's wet and ready from her lips down to her toes
She's a wild one
She's pushing deeper into your mountain's peak
She'll whisper hard words, that no girl ever speaks
She's asking favours that no man can complete
She's giving lessons, no blond could ever teach
She's a wild one
Give into her and fly away, never tell a soul what she's got to say
She's taking pictures that'll set your eyes on fire
She'll tie your heart up and leave you there all night
Oh baby be good to me she says
I'm just a wild one
She's raw and hungry, she'll eat your salty sweet
She's not an vegan, she likes your kind of meat
She'll never fake it, sincerity she speaks
She's got a nickname, it's dirty little freak
She's a wild one

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