Run Away Songtext
von Layla Zoe

Run Away Songtext

He's struggling, working night and day
He's wanting to get away
He's saving everything he has,
to leave someday to a foreign land
He's waiting for just the right time, he's planning for a better life
He ain't gonna take no boss's law
He's thinking about what his heart really wants
He's a travellin man,
and he's wild and free
He says, baby, Come run away with me. Come run away with me.

Run, Run, Bun, Run.

She's working, struggling night and day
She's wanting to dance and play
She's giving everything she's got
She's burning and her fire's too hot
She's yearning to get away, she's searching for a better day 11
She ain't gonna waste time on no cheating man
She's a queen of desire and she's got her plan

She's a travellin' woman, and she's wild and free

She says, baby, Come run away with me,

Come run away with me

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