Save Me (Swanlake) Songtext
von Lacross

Save Me (Swanlake) Songtext

Caught in the mess, got nobody tu trust
Just haters in your back, ready tu bust
All alone on your own and I can feel your pain
Because heaven on earth it′s really hard to obtain
And now you're running around searching for the right
What′s wrong or right, is it worth to fight?
I don't know, believe me it's truth
If I get the chance I will save you!

Save me, from the rain and hold me
Ease that pain, don′t rape me
And leave me into life (I wll save you)
Don′t ever take me, the must in me
And make me feel love again so free
All the things I've got to hide (Don′t leave me)

On and on, and nothing really changed, it's strange
Live slipping out of your hands, is this the best way
Just to get it right, shadows passing by in the middle of the night
Just tell me why it′s gotta be like that
The gamble of the live keeps your neck in check
And now you're crying out for help
And believe me it′s truth
If I get the chance I will save you!

What's wrong with live?
Just haters in the back
Searching for the life
What's wrong or right?
I don′t know...

Like a swan in a cage, what does it take to stop
And open it up to make you fly away
To make your beauty shine thru the deserts of faith
But I guess it′s to late
You're already made yourself up, ready to die
God knows you cry and I can′t lie, It makes me going mad
And believe me it's truth
If I get the chance I will save you!

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