Bolingo Songtext
von La Bouche

Bolingo Songtext


Feel the love it's in the air, deep and burning love affair
Come on and touch the fire of my soul, I wanna give you full control.

Come to me lover and let me do you right. Let's play a game of no-shame
this is the night. Let's dance between the sheets to the sound of a
heartbeat and let me hear the things that burn beneath the heat. Your
moans and your groans feel soft to my ears. To the point of no-return
do I steer. Grab a quick firm grip around the sexy hips, as your love
juice drips to my back I slip. Bolingo

Chorus X 1

Fantasies of love come true, when I make sweet love to you
Before you got me going on, I wanna love you all night long

Chorus + Bridge:
Bolingo, bolingo, this what keeps you on my mind
Bolingo, bolingo, we can make love anywhere, anytime
Bolingo, bolingo, boy you might feel we got a lot to share
Bolingo, bolingo, we can make love anytime anywhere

Bridge From Remix:
Talking bout' bolingo, talking bout' sweet love.
Talking bout' bolingo, talking bout' sweet love, love, love!

Honeys all around, but none of them fit the description, of my sexual
prescription. Beautiful, intelligent but they lack that 'uhhh' that
gets me over the humps. So I stroll them all down library halls,
searching for a women that has it all. A representation of an African
queen, sheik and lean, but not only in my dream. They say good things
come to those who wait, but if I wait to long I just might be to late.

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