Still Around Songtext
von Kissin’ Dynamite

Still Around Songtext

I always kept this Journey record
That we heard on repeat
I never could have dreamed it better
In my first car's back seat
This summer seemed forever and a day
In the end it's come and gone
Yeah, we were finally moving on

You're still around at the corner store where I used to pick you up
You're still around, when I scent your perfume
That you wore when we found love
When I turn the radio on and they're playing our song
Without a sound but yet so loud, you're still around

We didn't care 'bout growing older
When we ran from the rain
You put your head against my shoulder
Drinking low-grade champagne
And sometimes when I drive along those streets
In so many different ways
I recall our yesterdays

At last our ways have parted, each one on his own
And maybe someday, you're just someone that I've known
I ask myself where you may roam around
And if I'm still in your heart
Yeah, 'cause you're still in my heart

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