Oh Songtext
von Kevon Edmonds

Oh Songtext

It′s time to turn the page
We both agreed, we need to see love another way
Open up and find a way to communicate
To show respect and put some love in every word we say

No more wasting time
Here's the chance to put the pain and hurt behind
In this moment we resolve to redefine
How we choose to love and treat each other kind

Don′t you go nowhere woman
Ohhhh! Ohhh!
Cause I need you in my life
Baby, ohhhh!
Don't you go nowhere sugar
Ohhhh! No no no
Don't you dare, please don′t you dare

We′re making a brand new start
And it's forgiveness that will heal a wounded heart
Give it time I know I′ll learn to trust again
I miss my baby girl. You were my best friend

I'll tow the extra mile for you
There aint nothing in this world I wouldn′t do
Anywhere, anyway anything to prove
I'm gonna be a better man for you

Don′t you go nowhere woman
Ohhhh! Oooo!
Cause I need you in my life
Lady, ohhhh!
Keep it right there baby
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Oh! Stay with me, pleeeease stay with me

Oooohhhh! Baby
This joy, this joy I feel inside my heart right now
It makes me glad, makes me oh! so glad that we took the time
To put this love of ours, back together again baby

Girl we gotta, hold on to this love of ours, baby
Hold on tighter to our love, baby
So glad we found the love
Now, we've got an understanding
Oh! I'm made for you, you′re made for me

Oh! Don′t you go nowhere woman
Oh! No no no
I need you

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