What a Lonely Night Songtext
von Ken Laszlo

What a Lonely Night Songtext

And now
We are just talking about
All I feel is enough
And if you get it away
Anyway, I'm giving you all my own
But now I stay all alone
Dreaming to hold you tonight

I wanna be groove (uooooo)
And dont make me true (uooooo)
After believe in you
Why dont you come
You need your love at here
Inside my heat, inside my mind.
And I want to feel (uooooo)
That it's getting real (uooooo)
Don't wasting your time
Cause I depend on you
You know I cannot do
Without your love
And tell me why
You'll be a lonely night

And now, that I cant stop loving you
Let me know what I can do
Keep this so long every day
This love is fallin apart
Now that you've broken in my heart
What can I find in my way

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