A Story From Tom Bitz Songtext
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A Story From Tom Bitz Songtext

I met a person recently on a train, it was going south
I very shyly tried to speak to her but the words, they stuck in my mouth
“Come here,” she said to me, in a voice I could hardly see
“Pray, tell me what is it with you? Why are you looking there at me?”

I spoke to her without thinking, I said, “I love you, I do believe!”
She slapped my face with both her hands and asked me if I would leave
I screamed, “Oh no, I didn't mean that, but then again, yes, I think I did!”
She said, “Ok, Tom, come over here,” and she opened up the lid

Of the suitcase that she was carrying underneath her arm
From which she took two little bottles, I knew I'd come to harm
She made me drink the liquid and my head began to reel
I soon found myself upon the floor, I could not see or could not feel

When I came to, the train I was in, it had made its final stop
And as I opened up my eyes, there before me was a cop
He said that I was drunk and without money, pride and ticket too
Then they ran me down the County Jail, oh, what else could they do?

I tried to explain about the lady who was with me on the train
But they all stood round and looked at me like I was insane
I begged for mercy and forgiveness and for a cigarette too
But they gave me six months hard labour, oh, what else could they do?

While in jail, I met an old cowboy, who said he liked me fine
He made me steal a horse for him and I got extra time
Well, the moral of this story, I expect you all can see
If you must fall in love, then take your time, don't do it
If you must fall in love, then take your time, don't do it
If you must fall in love, then take your time, don't do it
Too easily

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