Liza Minnelli Songtext
von k-the-i???

Liza Minnelli Songtext

O Liza o Liza
Minnelli ready and willing
The penicillin hasn't even kicked in yet
I know you know that I'm worried
about your actual touch in such a manner
That I even couldn't regret

Beautifulest thing in the world beside sweet loving
Cuddling ever so softly
I heard her voice
Mine made her moist only sometimes
When we discuss us being involved in a relationship
We understand the fine qualities of love
Does it actually exist?
What's the difference?
Yellow reversed to orange
Storage contained in our brain
Gaining feeling
Appealed by each other
Thought expressed
Timid though unaware of what I guess
Yes meaning carry along the ruby red lipstick
Lips thick enough to massage intimacy
There you go miss Liza Minnelli
Hear me out
Greatly welcomed to travel and find out who is me
Loving my wife in a beautiful aqua filtered dress
To impress the ballroom
And surely you might look even twice
She smells so good
When I even tell her how much I think about her
A man and woman sharing moment together forever
No I didn't think so misguided
I let the mysteries hide
Granted my wishes
Now there you go

I hear we could turn
Another victim to burn
Here we go
Are you still with me?
It's like an ocean divided apart at the first lesson
Then the next mission makes the difference
Isn't it going the wrong way?
Blue skies tend to change the color of grey
Skittles rainbows carried along emotionless mishaps
Bang bang!
Shoot and bring the welcome mat home darling
My appetite only seemed marvelous
Once we connected
It sets off respect
How can I dislike but love at the same time?
I'm a little confused
We used to get along
With the song dedicated to what's stated impossible
I didn't feel who you were
How do I peel
Left out?
Near the edge
Fled the scene
A team to organize
The rest of my property placed in order
I remember the lovely moments
Just a dream captured
Looking for stasis and then satellite beams

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