Oranges and Lemons Again Songtext
von Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

Oranges and Lemons Again Songtext

Oh it's the crooked leg, the crooked mile
The hotel lift and the menacing smile
The energy of an itinerant child
To catch a glimpse of Mr. Oscar Wilde

Waterborn Southend on Sea
Twisted bend, this ability
Lord Upminster Bo Diddley and Richard the Third
With the most unroyal mouth you ever heard

He's never gonna do it, oh he has an' all
They're smiling politely, but they're really appalled
And it's turned out oranges and lemons again
All three bells in a row
We're in and out of the Eagle
Up and down the City Road

Sweet Gene Vincent, mean old Ronnie Kray
The low slung slouch of the bird of prey
Trouser pocket boys in unromantic places
Cigarettes falling from their sallow faces

Lurking in the doorways of every town
Rough kids rally with their sorrows drowned
Burnt out faces and their ash tray eyes
Up goes the cry through the perforated sky

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von Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

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