Once Again Songtext
von Jon McLaughlin

Once Again Songtext

I hear the words coming out your mouth
As we talk about it once again
I can't believe all the words you said
Turned into regret once again
So don't tell me what went wrong
To make it feel so wrong once again
I had a half a mind to work things out
But it's too late now once again
How can we make it when you're walking away
How can we make it when you're walking
How can we make it when you're walking away
If I stay or if I go to you it's all the same
I had a feeling I as dead and gone
Nowhere to belong once again
I couldve swore you were just in my arms
Now you're just in a song once again
For me Im walking on a worn path
Prayin my feet don't walk so fast
In a tunnel with no light I stumble on the wrong side
Of all I thought was right
I try to look through my eyes but they're filled with tears
And the lines our love drew all start to smear
So I use my words just to keep you here
But Im speaking of things that you just can't feel

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