Rolling By Songtext
von Jon Fratelli

Rolling By Songtext

Go to the end and wait for me
Take off those rags you wear for me
While your world is breakings I′m here for the taking

Don't tell me things I need to know
I′m happy in the dark my mind plays slow
It's you who's dreaming of me
And though I′m yours and yours only

I′ll be rolling by
I'll be rolling by

Go to the end I′ll meet you there
There's a you and I living in bliss somewhere
But here we are in pieces
Seeking comedowns and releases
It′s classic you to deny me
I didn't mean to make you cry for me
And while this night is broken
All these children must be woken

I′ll be rolling by
I'll be rolling by

Go to the end I think it's time
I didn′t have the nerve to make you mine
And though I′ll keep you near me
You might forget me completely
Turn off the light and lock the door
One last time like we did before
If I hear that you've faded
I′ll know somehow that you've made it

You′ll be rolling by
You'll be rolling by
You′ll be rolling by

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