If Loving You Is Wrong Songtext
von Joe

If Loving You Is Wrong Songtext

If loving you is wrong, baby
I don't wanna be right(2x)

If bearing the way I feel for you
Is committing a crime
Am I breaking the law
Devoting myself to you?
You are the hope my dreams are built on
The reason for my happiness
You're my everything and so much more
You're the air I breath
My fantasy

~repeat chorus(2x)~

I couldn't see myself without 'cha
What an emptiness I'd feel
A void would be there
In my heart
You're worth the price of any sentence
For what a treasure in you I've found
You're my everything and so much more
You're the air I breathe
My fantasy

~repeat chorus(4x)

I'm holding on
And I won't let go
I love you
Girl, I want you to know

~repeat chorus to fade~

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