Tragedy Songtext
von Jaymay

Tragedy Songtext

Such a tragedy
Such a shame
I have to push you in front of the train
Oh I was walking, you couldn't keep up
You kept on talking, you wouldn't shut up
And I'm so sorry
But that's what I do
When someone upsets me and you always do.
And it's very very sad, you're such a mush
Everyone heard it, your body went sploosh.
You know it could have been Jim
Instead it was you.
I'm so sorry, it's just i thought you knew.

You can always count on me to bring you down.

When someone's a moron or a jerk
Flirting with your boyfriend
It starts to hurt
You're raging with fire
Your face is so red
If only they'd drown or choke and drop dead
But oh it can happen
It's a matter of will
You just pick your poison and let it spill
Straight into their coffee or into their beer
That's how you know you're gonna make them disappear
Just racing along

You can always count on me to bring you down

You're waiting in line in the bank of New York
Someone cuts you like a knife and fork
So tap on their shoulder, spit in hteir face
Say 'Im so sorry, you just stole my space.'
And if they feel guilty and they trade spots with you
Cuz thats the natural and the loyal thing to do
Then calm down, let it go
Worse things have happened in new york, ohhh
If they ignore you, turn back around
Then choose your weapon
And never ever ever ever back down
It may be a hammer, it could be a gun
It doesn't really matter as long as you run
As quick as you can away from the scene
And just leave the janitor the body, the body to clean
And dont ever think about it
Never feel mean
I've murdered 5 people, i was only 13

You can always count on me to bring you down

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