I'm Good Songtext
von Jay Prince

I'm Good Songtext

I try to vibe with it
Late nights, couldn't sleep, tryna write with it
You be gettin' violated and you're fine with it
Not on my radar, stay hard, stay vigilant
Really you don't give a shit
Same thing ever since, young kid killin' it
Young king, young prince up in this bitch
Wake up, this as real as it gets
I ain't even done yet, this is just the beginning, I ain't even finished
Young kid from the village of the chosen ones
I'm only really chilling with my closest ones
Who are never winning but your show's done
Who's up next? That's us
Young kid from the east side of that London, come in abundance
Run fast when you see the blue lights (whoop whoop)
Man I said you better run fast when you see the blue lights
Real shit, ain't pretty on our side
Maybe on odd days the sun shine's
Gotta think a little positive, it's alright
It's all like work when I come through
But it's all good, I'm here to make change
I'm here to make path ways for people like me
And people like you
A lot to carry on my shoulders but that's cool
Listening to Badu
Cleaning me mind cause the grass way greener on this side
The grass way greener on this side
Tell you what it's like when you ain't livin' a high life
These nigga livin' a high life
My highlight ain't that, stll take that like half daddy
Young kid, dreams to make it big, dreams to happen
Believe I'm here for good
On my long run [?] tell me what's realer than that

Yeah we take it high, uh
Ain't nothin' different man
It's just another night, uh
Two shots the head, pour liquor
Two shots the head, my nigga
How you doin'? I'm good
How you feelin'? I'm good
How you doin'? I'm good

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