1993 Songtext
von Jay Prince

1993 Songtext

I'm back in 1993, I was just a little G
Mum had told me get my shit together, maybe we could eat
Papa coming home late, yo my nigga where you been?
16, I can tell you it was nothin' but a dream
Yeah I do this for my city, yeah I do this for the east
Best believe (best believe that)
Yeah I know a couple brothers that would do it for the piece
It's that thing that got you thinkin' "what you doing with your life?"
It's that thing that got you thinkin' "Yeah the boy is kinda nice"
"The boy is kinda right"
No joke my nigga, unemployed for a while
Music is all I know, it's deeper than what I write
It's deeper than what she rides, it's deeper than what you like
I was thinkin' for a minute, I was sippin', I was chillin'
Somethin' different with my homie Selly Sel
Better know that shit is real
Better know you meet these people for a reason in this world
How you feel, just tell me how you feel?

If you feel me, if you with me then go ahead and put your hands up
If you feel me, if you with me then go ahead and put your hands up
This is all I know, this is all I know, this is all I know, it's is all I know
This is all I know (right now), this is all I know
Spread peace, spread love, it's all I know
This is all I know (right now), aw yeah
It's all I know and this is all I know (right now), aw yeah
It's all I know

Some people still be feelin' low
And I'm just tryna give these people hope
Good just a week ago, changed in a week or so
And no surprise if you're living in that ghetto
Back in '04, niggas rob you for your phone
Shit changed I know, young homie so grown
I ain't even 24, got route 24
I was in a dime day, that's okay, that's a start
Little hope, little faith, get in on, it's the way
Forward yes it's always
I've been chillin' in the studio, been writing all day
I've been tryna find a way to get through all the blazay
To get through the blazay aah, blazay
Tryna find a way to pave a way, I ain't tryna fade away
I'm just tryna make a way, I'm just tryna stay great
I'm just tryna find a way to get through all the blazay

It's time I started speaking my mind
Homie get yours, I'm just tryna get mine
I'm tryna bring together, they split and divide
And wonder why your people hate you when try and do right
City full of dreams, city full of vultures
I do it for the culture
I do it for everybody that said I wasn't supposed to
Gaya de la voca, whatever that means
Nowadays my dreams seem to be underneath the belly of the beast
I'ma tell you how I'm eat
Party and the after party, meet me on the weekend
2 days of freedom
Back into the cycle and you hoping that you're weakened
Tell me who's the weakest

I've been acting on my visions lately, don't call me crazy
Sleep ain't comin' now my dreams are vacant, there's no escapin'
Play the game because you know the face is swervin' when I'm faded
Drunken master when I'm on your playlist
Show me where the [?] up
Then roll my lucky dice, tripper [?], my head is fried
Fallen man, I'm callin' wipe the jewels and lift these heavy eyes
It comes as no surprise
They feel the energy but let it breathe and keep in time
Lucky if they see the light
But tell me, tell me where you fit in
Close your eyes and reach aside or vibe to this and listen
Chase your vision, keep on runnin' till you get it
Play it, play it till you win it, only you can see the finish
The misadventures of the illest
Until I reach a height we're only those who seek and live in
For now I keep it movin' brown, chillin' like a villain
Couple seconds till I finish man the clock is always tickin'
Tickin', tickin', tickin'

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