Bounce Songtext
von Jamelia

Bounce Songtext

Let me see ya bounce bounce, yeah
Baby let me see ya bouncing baby, ah
Let me see ya bounce, I wanna see ya bounce
Let me see ya bounce for me
Come on and bounce for me, lets go on, what

Id like to know ya, all up and down
I wanna see ya bounce, uh uh!
I wanna show ya what I can do
And while im wishing what i can do to you,
(Id like) to see you when you could bring it on,
(And if id like) to see if we could get it on
You know what im all about,
So shake that ass and let me hear you shout

Chorus x2
Bounce bounce, go get your freak on,
Thats the way we get off,
I'll be working with ya baby let me see ya,
Bounce bounce, when your moving left to right,
I'm moving what it feels like,
Hit you with the uh uh make your body(bounce)

Now let me tell ya the irony,
The crowd is jumping, that could be you and me
Feel the vibrate as we turn up the bass,
Fell th treble make you when you could bring it on,
(I'd like) to see you if we could bring it on,
(And i would like) to see if we could get it on,
(I'd like) to see if I could turn it out,
You know what I'm about,
So shake that ass and let me hear you shout

Chorus x2

Let me see ya bounce boy, do ya thing
Show me sutturn, make me swing,
It's O.K to let yourself go,
It's O.K as long as you know,
It's about to go off in here,
Let me show you who's the boss up in here,
Shake ya thang cos you dont care,
I get it hot like Montego Bay up in here,
Bounce bounce, I know you heard me,
Come on we about to get dirty,
Forget tome it's never too early,
Dont nothing matter when we,
Bounce, to the break of dawn,
Getting our freak on,
You want it bad, and then there ain't damn thing wrong

Chorus and adlibs to end

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