7 AM Songtext
von Jacqueline Taïeb

7 AM Songtext

It′s seven in the morning
I've gotta get up
Oh, I′m so tired
Well, let's put some music on, it will get me going
Don't know something like
Talking ′bout my ch-ch-ch generation

Can′t find my toothbrush
Where on earth can it be?
Ahh, the red one is my father's
The blue one is my mother′s
The yellow one is my brother's
Mine must have gone with the wind

It′s, uh, Monday, isn't it?
Oh, I have an English exam today
Mmm, I wish I had Paul McCartney
To help me

I feel like playing a record just to annoy the neighbors
Who are always complaining
What about a good Elvis Presley?
Oh, but the only thing he can say is ba-ba-ba-lu-ba-ba-ba-bam-bow

A little water on my face and off I go
Beddy-bye is over I know
I′m feeling better
Almost on my way
Ahh, which sweater shall I wear today?

Which sweater shall I wear today?
The blue one?
The red one?
The blue one?
The red one?
The red one?
The red one

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