Summer Songtext
von Jackle App

Summer Songtext

Plucking strings and broken wings
are the things that defined my Ponyville Summer
When Nice Nurse Mare, from urgent care
put my wings in slings oh gosh what a bummer
(But I'll abscond)
But you wouldn't care when you're in the care of
(Where I'll have fun)
When you're in the care of Lyra and Bon Bon

I looked all day, for a place to stay
But "No Vacancy" signs went on for miles
They saw my cast, they didn't even ask
they took me right in to stay for a while
(But I don't mind)
You wouldn't ask why when you were as desperate as I
(Out of the sun)
You don't ask why when it's Lyra and Bon Bon

I watched them together
while under the weather
and couldn't believe my eyes
Two ponies like this who would share every kiss
like they'll share the rest of their lives
It made me blue and a little bit green
that they were flushed red with love
I'm too yellow to tell them that I'm leaving today
under the orange sunset up above


Plucking strings and broken wings
are the things that defined my Ponyville summer...

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