Cunk Songtext
von Jack Stauber

Cunk Songtext

We can make it fun
Out the blood
Lock the door

You can drop "I'm fine"
Into the mind, but
Look before
I'm only here because of reason
I close my eyes there goes a season
I will bury all my best friends
As I carry all the questions

In the middle of my heart and my life
Cause we're
Already out this far
Holy one

Although the monster's in his cave
If we keep quiet we'll be safe
Take your lovey rope and wrap around my brain
Until the muscles ache and strain
I'll be happy on the day I squish the bug
That sucks my blood and has me drugged
Swallow all of my teeth and shut the blinds
I can do another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more times

Look at my tongue
Look how I'm young
Check out the spread

Look at my face
I can replace
Every space
Don't think I won't

Looking for heart
Not looking hard
Walking on air
Start up the car
Know where you are
Walking on air

Contest my
My inside
Make me find
Harder time

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