Love Movin’ Songtext
von J Dilla feat. Black Thought

Love Movin’ Songtext

Real Gs, that′s what's up
Dilla Dawg, that′s what's up
Roots crew, that's what′s up
We keep the ghe-
Tto twisting backwoods up
[?], that′s what's up
[?], that′s what's up
J Ball, that′s what's up
You know my niggas keep it ghe-
Tto twisting backwoods up

I got a shit load of story tales up in my sack
So let all the drums and all the noise interact
Twist up a fat one and make my coffee black
The Grim Ripper, th-th-the boss is back
My nigga, fifteen minutes minus five is a dime
The jeweler [?] it′s not a problem to shine
It's why my man Dilla do it without even tryin'
The greatest hip hop producer of all time, dig it
We back on the job, having a good time with it
You gotta love it, we got it, you still tryna get it
The footprint in the booth on every continent
Step off the stage the whole crowd
Hostages and our sponsors is my marrow lynch mob
Hands on a long double barrel that the trench hide
Tired of being outside breaking inside
First motherfucker that flinch, he getting french fried, yeah

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von J Dilla feat. Black Thought

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