Without Walls Songtext
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Without Walls Songtext

Finding order, torn us under
sworn surrender stole the day
Like a wave of wasted wonder
rising up and swept away

These moments I retain
locked in against the pain

As the darkness falls around me
colder forces hold me down
And the doubt is growing stronger
I no longer can't be found

Don't tell me anymore
it's what this life is for
Inside of lust amends,
your light will shine never again

I occupy
these rooms I built
and word by word
The silence is filled

Life descends in empty shades
Undermines the time we lost
Here today I'm not afraid
to calculate the holocaust

Never cross that good expression
said I wouldn't and I didn't
Cut-throat council, that won't free me
Language I could only dream of
Until now, I'm ready to begin, the science is wearing thin

without walls - constant breakdown
without time - anyday now
without words - make it somehow
without you

Half of me is underseased??
half was underneath the ground
anyway you gain release
don't go where you can't be found

all you laid is complicating
state the words that left unspoken
they get nothing out of something
they will break what can't be broken

i'm made of other skin
fiance is waiting in
without walls
without time
without words
without you

i'm ready to begin
the science is wearing me
down, down, down, down...

and i can't go outside
and there is no reason why
unforsaken heart
take another shot - now

break it to me
protect me from the truth
keep that highborn hope
save and future-proove - now

goes without our selfcontrol
sleep that brings no guarantees
nights awake can't take your toe
like theres a life in death of me

high like a permanent sun

fly hard through a sky made of thunder
carelessly counted on what possesses you
swear to be when you're gone
what is with you still

send out the sound of bells
naridge splinter
when sense of purpose fell
it all descent to grease


sign come to send me down

so the deeper understanding
torn us under ranged apart
when the wave of wasted wonder
grows above our empty god

these moments make me then
and by them now
i am defined again

in the circum water shallows
in reflection yet remain
set beneath that mask of sorrow
like a feast without a name

don't tell me anymore
it's what this life is for
untill i stand alone
your light will never again
will shine in this lifetime

in this lifetime
shine on me
shine on me

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