Let Me Be Songtext
von Institute

Let Me Be Songtext

Perfection′s in this hallowed thing
Unique to you and me. Do you see?
Unique to you like a snowflake's been
Purely unique no matter how it seems
Do you feel me? You′re your own being
In this hallowed thing aporia is king
But people are tryin to sell it telling you
How it goes... But don't believe.
So please don't you agree with me
Because I can′t see what you see
You′ll debase my serenity
And it's all I got man so please let me be
Let me be
Perfection′s not cut up clean like they want it to be.
There's no perfect perfectly
So stop trying to agree so nice and clean and perfectly.
Do you see? Aporia is king
You′ll never find me.

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