Regicide (EP 2013) Songtext
von Ingested

Regicide (EP 2013) Songtext

No more shit from these weak motherfuckers,
You'll die with them if you think you're gonna stop us.
Claim my crown from this weak controller,
Your reign's over, it's game over.
These words will stand the test of time,
I'll be remembered, long after you're gone.
I refuse to walk the line,
You'll be dismembered, six feet under the ground.

I am everything, and you are nothing.
I'll watch you fail while you try to be something.

Light the fuse and the ignition,
Eliminate the competition,
Battered beaten to submission,
You will see my true ambition,
When you hear my composition,
This is now a demolition,

You think I'll watch when you take my crown?
You think I'll sink when you want me to drown?
Pretenders, to the throne,
And I'll still be King when you're dust and you're bones.

Bloated, sitting on a throne of false promises,
Your reign is done, its been way too long,
You didn't want this, you didn't plan for this,
But you fucking deserve it.

Once more into the breach my friends,
Once more, into the breach,
Prepare to meet your ends,
I don't think, I just do it.

Your rule is contested, you're fake and infested, no one will mourn when your soul is Ingested,
Don't test this, 'cos I am more than you could ever be,
You'd need an army of a million just to stop me.

Violence, the only way I can communicate, you take my crown I'll take it back when I decapitate.

Nothing left to say.

This is now a Regicide.

Actions over words.

We will overcome this.

Stranglehold releasing.

You've become what I despise.

Eliminate authority.

Dethrone your lies, feeding bullshit.
Purify, all your filthy falsehood.
Dealt our hand, left to struggle
Bend the lines, crush these fucking shackles.

Overkill, I'll make a statement when I draw my knife, erased from history erased from life.

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