Ride My Tempo Songtext
von Ida Corr

Ride My Tempo Songtext

Early morn 7 9, I was born on time
Mama singing my my side
Daddy there standing by
Took a while for I to see
Exactly what your giving me
Now that I'm woman grown making
Heads turn on my own

And nobody's gonna bring me down
Aint nobody who can touch me now
Cuz nobody else has got what I've got
Nobody else gonna make it this hot
My words, my rythm, have you heard what I'm giving

Uh uh you on the dancefloor
Can you ride on my tempo
Uh uh you in the yard
Are we making you sweat
Uh uh up on the pavement
Are you feeling this tempo
Uh uh it aint hard
We gonna ride it trough the night

So now your feeling my style
Is breaking down for a while
We got you running for miles and I'll tell you why
Taking you for a trip so let you back bone slip
Lick your lip double dip baby moove your hip
Wanna take you away
From the pain let me say everyday
Aint the same as yesterday
Cuz life is gritty and dark in the city
Uh ah what a pitty
Better leave i all behind

Chorus and nobody...

Uh uh...

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