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von I Kill Giants

Calendar Songtext

i hold my tongue like a realist
there's no more water in the company fridge
you've got the word set to make a kid wish he was dead.

i take the stairs because it wastes more time
i want to kiss your mouth, but i'm scared to try
it's only sad if i don't come back with someone on my mind

after four months, i saw you laugh
i didn't think it would feel the same
but then i saw your face in diners and concerts,
well i'll fuck off now.

reset, replace.
life has taught me "irreplaceable".
everyone makes me so uncomfortable.

we can live in the exact same place.
we can watch a hundred million things.
if we never go to bed we won't have to wake up.

leave my room like i'm ready to start
walking around with a disposable heart
slip heavy into love again and feel left out.

i'll get home okay, if you're waiting for me.
i'll make a fool of me, irreversibly
if the water's anything less than sixty degrees.
can you teach me to be irreplaceable?
i can believe in anything. i am versatile.

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