Actual Songtext
von I Hate This Place

Actual Songtext

What's real anymore?
The possibilities
I've woken lucid in this dream before
Reached out to her
Waiting there for me

And we speak to the horizon
The wind races through her hair
And all the colors
They rush by
The world blurs out
And fades to white again

Alone in the morning light
Dewdropped blades of grass across my face
Surrounded by the shapes and forms I used to know
Run and never come back to this place

And we cross the sky by starlight
The crystals in her eyes
And all the people they won't know
Where we have gone
And where we'll go
We'll leave the lies that they call truth
Forget how we squandered our youth
And start again in a somewhere new
Where it'll be just me and you

The wind races through her hair

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